Custom Carved Fountain Pens

Interested in a Custom Carved Fountain Pen? 


   Artist Brian Weaver currently has a significant custom fountain pen backlog.  Custom requests will be considered by the Artist in the following manner only:

  • If you have a CUSTOM REQUEST, please EMAIL the Artist either through this website or at with a detailed description of your idea/concept;

  • If the Artist feels the idea/concept is "a good fit", the pen will be made with the artists vision and preferences, as it is impossible for the Artist to replicate the exact vision of others. 

  • The completed pen will be offered to the original requestor for a 24 hour period before being offered for sale to the public. The requestor is under no obligation to purchase the completed pen, and the Artist is under no obligation to hold the competed pen for longer than 24 hours after notifying the requestor of its completion and availability.

  • The pricing will be at the discretion of the Artist.  A "range" estimate will initially be provided, but the Artist reserves the right to modify/change any range or estimate previously provided to the requestor.  This is necessary, as the Artist is unable to forecast the amount of detail required as the work of art progresses.

Please enjoy a sampling of some of artist Brian Weaver's original custom fountain pens.  

Silver Feather Roll Stop.jpg

“Feathered Scroll”


"Tooled Leather"


The "Equestrian"


  The "Epee"

Partial Eppe again.jpg

  The "Scroll"


The "Owl"

The "Koi"


The "Hummingbird"


The "Dragonfly"

IMG_9770 3.jpg

The "Polo"

Hand Carved Antler and Alumilite

Frog Pen.jpg

The "Frog"


Pen Knife

Howling Wolf.jpg

"Howl at the Moon"

The "Pegasus"


Brian Weaver

IronFeather Creative

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