Artist Brian Weaver currently posts his available fountain pens via Instagram (Ironfeathercreative).  Work in progress is often shared, as well as newly created and available pens.  Please feel free to contact the artist directly to inquire.   

All Fountain Pens are Hand Turned and Created By Brian Weaver, Artist and Owner of Ironfeather Creative.  Each Fountain Pen is made by the artist personally, one at a time, by hand. Each is an original.  Although the pens shown below are not available, please feel free to ask about similar materials for your order.  There is always something new and exciting in the works!

Abalone Cap off.jpg
Derby Burl cap off.jpg
Peaked Burl Cap off.JPG

IronFeather Creative

Brian Weaver, Artist and Owner | Aiken, South Carolina, U.S.A.